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Written by Dr. Somash   

Bilwa Leaves

Bilwa Leaves

Dr Somash

According to Ayur Veda the Bilwa Leaves have a power full preventive medicine for all the Respiratory Diseases including the Cardiac Problems. The worshiping Shiva with these leaves meansusing them with hand and smelling the smell of these leaves. This involves the aroma therapy. According to the advanced research when moon goes to an angle between 840 to 1800 in it's rotation around the earth there will be profound influence on the Brain, Digestive Organs, Kidneys, Reproductory Organs, and Spleen. Especially in the months when the sun heat is less in the peak of winter time (which results due to the increased distance between the earth and the sun due to its longitudinal axis). This influences reaches peak on the 14 day of the moon's descent in the peat of deep winter season which is Maha Shiva Rathri day. So on this the Fasting is prescribed according to Ayur Veda. This is intended to keep the body systems intact. From time immemorial, Hindus have worshipped trees and have considered all flora and fauna as sacred. Trees, plants, leaves, flowers and fruit have an esteemed position in the religion and culture of India. So much so that no religious function is considered complete without the presence of at least one of the above. Leaves like the betel (Vetrilai) banana (Vaalzaiyilai), mango (Mavilai), Neem(Veppilai), tualsi (Thulashi)i, durva (Arugu) are intrinsically woven into the tapestry of Indian weddings & Temple worship.

So says the Lord in the Gita.

"Patram, pushpam, phalam, thoyam,  yo me Bhaktya Prayacchati,

Tadaham Bhaktyupahrita  masanami Prayata Manah"-Gitaslogam
"Whoever offers a leaf, flower, a fruit or even water with devotion,

that I accept lovingly; offered as it is with a loving heart."