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Written by Dr. Somash   

The Supreme Power is known in Tamil as Kadavul (kada+ul), which literally means the Supreme Energy that is beyond everything (kadantha) and yet, is within (Ul kadaviya) everything. God, who is the All-Mighty Universal Power, creates as Brahma, preserves as Vishnu and destroys as Rudhra. The Divine Power manifests itself in the form of the Pancha- Bhoothas (five elements), namely Aakash (ether), vayu (air), Agni (fire), Aapa (water), and Piruthivi (earth), found in the Universe.

So the Universe called Pirapancham or “Andom”. The unity of these five elements lodged in the human body facilitate the drama of life. Other examples of manifestations of five elements include: rain, sunlight, rivers, air, mountains, fire, space, and all existence in the Universe, which are physically visible to the naked eye. In the universe, the huge power becomes in mothers body as a physical body and then when the body get the soul, we get the human form. The human body called as “Pindam” ( Andaththil ullathu- Pindaththilum undu) It means the elements and the combination are seen in many manifestation, and one such form is the human body (physical body or bhootha udal) which encases the soul (Athma) After the life’s end the physical dead body goes to anyone of the element such as, fire, water or earth... can be explained as “Engirunthu vanthatho Angey senruvidum”.