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Written by Dr. Somash   

Drinking of water Create Vibrant and Radiant Health Physically, Mentally and Emotionally.
Infinity Water® is a Perfect Living Water based on the most advanced scientific understandings of vibration and energy as the foundation of living chemistry, where as the mainstream medical model is still caught up in the mechanistic limitations of Newtonian Physics. In 21st Century of advancements in physics and quantum mechanics it is clear that the status quo maintained by the drug companies and mainstream medical doctors is totally out of date.
New advancements in quantum mechanics now reveal that there is definite effect on the outcome of physical events in the universe. This is all the way from the macrocosm of galaxies spreading in their splendor throughout the expansive firmament to the microcosm of how the electrons vibrate and whether or not quantum activity appears as a particle or a wave. The famous quantum mechanical scientist John Wheeler developed the Participatory Universe Theory to describe how human observation affects the outcome of everything in the universe in the past, present and future. The more specific the observer becomes with their directed peering into the activity of any phenomena, the more the quantum level is condensed into the specificity of fixed particles. The more non-specific the observer becomes peering into the activity of any phenomena the more the quantum level is expanded into less specificity of waves. When there is no human observation at all and therefore a total lack of specific observation, then according to leading edge quantum mechanical philosophers matter and energy remains in a state of potential but has not taken any distinct form. This may all sound sort of incredible concerning the effect of human observation, but distant galaxies as well as the human body is effected by how we apply observation. By drinking Infinity Water®, the effect of connecting with the Infinite Power of the Universe in terms of what is described in the String Theory of Physics as multidimensional vibration is then integrated on the quantum and subatomic level to dramatically change the outcome of human health physically, mentally and emotionally.
Based on the advanced scientific understandings from the String Theory and quantum mechanics it can readily be understood how much more effective it create health with the subtle touch of a feather rather than a hammer. Infinity Water® is a Perfect Living Water that is potentized concentrate in terms of the life supporting vibration and energy that it contains gently encourages the body to change from the deepest level of the cells. Drugs and other mainstream allopathic medicine remedies and treatments attempt to hit the body very hard in order to create change in the body.
But mainstream medicine totally disregards a fundamental aspect of what health is all about. What people consider to be disease on the superficial level of the body is on a deeper level simply negative energetic patterns caused by past input from everything that has happened in life. When a person drinks Infinity Water® these negative energetic patterns buried deep in the cells are released and replaced by positive patterns that in turn allow the chemistry of the body to function correctly in order to maintain health on every level of being. The effects of drinking Infinity Water® are dramatic in terms of the effects of gently infusing the cells with life affirming vibration and energy. Therefore, get started with drinking Infinity Water® every day and change your life and health