Philosophical Meaning Of Shiva Rathri Print E-mail
Written by Dr. Somash   

The bilva leaves represent the heart and gross manifestation. Ling are presents the Supreme Brahman (Consciousness). So the worship of the linga with the bilva leaves represent the merging of the individual heart with the Supreme consciousness. Water represents the Consciousness and the Linga represents the Universal Energy (prakruthi and paramatma). The abhishek are presents the merging the individual consciousness in to the universal consciousness. Temple represents the human body and the deity represents the Paramatma. 
Staying temple represents the merging the jivatma with the paramatma. Night represents the prakrithi, which is gross. Sleep represents the merging within the dynamics of the prakrithi. Waking in the night represents the process of separation from the prakrithi. Night also represents he ignorance. Waking represents for the 4fold path of wisdom. Knowing, understanding, realizing and living. So the celebration of Shiva Rathri will indicate the objective of the individuals Moksha and how it can be achieved. It also represent the fulfillment of the Dharma Artha and Kama by having the sound and healthy body. Both are needed for the progress of the man kind. 
The scientific aspects and the prevention are needed for every one. Those who understand the significance of the spiritual aspects also has to practice them as they need the body to achieve the spiritual aspects. Lastly the community involvement and group celebration are the key for the harmony of the society. So the individuals will participate in the temple activities to transmit this advanced wisdom for the development of the human race.That is the reason why the Rudra Namakam, Chamakam and Mahanyasam and other powerful Vedic Mantras are recited on this Maha Shiva Rathri Day.