Why doing Abishegam for Sivalingam? Print E-mail
Written by Dr. Somash   

The shiva lingas are made with the special granite and other different precious metals which have a specific crystalline structure. This structure is found to have a specific property of resonating the cosmic vibrations. Water has a peculiar property of called colloidal property. This enhances the water molecules to change their bond angles when came in to contact with the cosmic resonances and to increase their energy which then becomes powerful medicine. The abhisheka of the Shiva Lingas is to do this complicated exercises for the benefit of the mankind. All Temples build on the principles of agamas are the Accumulators of the Cosmic energy and Geo Magnetic Energies for the disseminating them for the individuals who go to temples. Going to temples and staying in the night of Maha Shiva Rathri involves the taking and assimilating the energy for the whole night so that the energy imbalances that occur during the transitional changes are corrected.The mantras used in the abhisheka or in the worship are definite energy states which produce a specified quantum of energy if recited. This energy is absorbed by the molecules of he body and they in turn radiate heightened infrared band of energies. Theseenergies radiated are picked up by the Acu Points or Adharas which distribute the energy for all the systems of the body for the energy correction.