Thirumurai - Medicine to sufferings Print E-mail
Written by Dr. Somash   

The Lord shiva who gives even Itself for the one who completely surrenders to it and serves selflessly, takes care of such a devotee in all the ups and downs of the life leading the devotee to the liberation. That would be the ultimate boon. Still people look for some helping hand when they are in some deep trouble. Many get mislead also going behind miracle performers and get cheated many times. The result is more pain than the temporary well being they get. 
The shaivite saints have sung the holy hymns - thirumuRai in a great spiritual wisdom and seeking only the Truth. The splendid powerfulwords ( mantram) and the unadultrated devotion on Lord shiva being the base, these hymns give the great cure for many of the sufferings in life. Instead of looking for unreliable sources for betterment one should seek the thirumuRai path which apart from giving the benefit would slowly lead one to be set in the path towards the Almighty. Even those who do devotion without asking for returns would find these to be very enchanting hymns. To get the blessings of the Three eyed Lord sing THIRUMURAI hymns.