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Written by Dr. Somash   

நண்பர்களே, திருமணத்தின் போது ''பாணிக் கிரகணம்'' என்று ஓர் நிகழ்ச்சி உண்டு. அதை ஆங்கிலத்தில் பார்போம்.

''paani grahanam''

The groom lowers his right palm and encloses it
over the right hand of the bride. He covers all the five fingers of the
right hand of the bride with his right palm through this act of paani
grahanam. He recites mantras in praise of Bhaga, Aryama, Savita, Indra,
Agni, Suryan, Vayu and Saraswati, while holding the bride's hand. He prays
for long life, progeny, prosperity and harmony with the bride during their
married life. The closed fingers of the right hand of the bride is said to
represent her heart. The paani grahanam ritual symbolizes the bride
surrendering her heart in the hands of the groom during the the occasion of the
marriage.:: prepared by panchadcharan swaminathasarma for modern hindu culture.